Victoria Rance Public Art

Victoria Rance's predominantly sculptural work is concerned with creating spaces which the viewer can inhabit, either physically or in the imagination. She was the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Winner 2003-4 and is a graduate of Newcastle University (BA Hons) and Kingston University (MA).

 Commissioned and public art:

I Wish for Invicta School Deptford 
(community engagement project)
I Wish for The Women's Group of Lewisham Refugee and 
Migrant Centre for Deptford X (community engagement project)
I Wish for Montbelle School Greenwich with Art Reach
(community engagement project)
Sculpture for Warneford Hospital Oxford
Bridge, powder coated steel 300 x 100 x 80 cm
Sculpture for St Laurence Church Catford
Comforter 2008 polished mild steel 450x450x12cm
Sculpture for St Andrew’s Waterloo
Font powder coated steel 145 x 90 x 90 cm
Interior sculpture and five stained glass windows for St Andrews, Waterloo
Boat  steel copper and glass 225 x 100 x 88 cm
Yellow Window 2005 acid etched glass 450x20cm
Blue Window 2005 acid etched glass 450x20cm and three smaller backlit windows on staircase
Sundial Halstow Primary School
Engraved brass
Sculpture for Mumford Mill, Deptford
Wheat Spire 2004 bronze 155x150x150cm
Corporate commission for
Seed aluminium and stainless steel 120 x 38 x 38 cm

Two sculptures for Housing 21 / Creative Lewisham Agency funded by the Mayor’s Office
Egg galvanised steel 112x73x73cm
Deptford Star  powder coated steel 155x145x30cm
Pricket Stand St John’s Waterloo
Galvanised steel
Sculpture enabled by The Economist
Spire galvanised steel 620 x 300 x 300cm
Child Private commission for Ron Spinney, Hammerson plc
Forged steel
Commission for Faircross Community Complex Barking
Faircross Arch  wood and steel 350 x 210 x 12cm
Consultation was held with staff and users and workshops with the centre youth group and local nursery.
Finial Cross St George’s Cathedral Southwark
Powder coated Forged steel
Gates St Nicholas Church Deptford
Powder coated forged and mild steel
Incarnation  polished steel 180 x 180 x 53cm
Church of the Holy Family RAF Halton Bucks
Hawk Private Commission for Diana Payne Myers
Forged steel

Images of other work can be seen on

Solo and two person exhibitions include 
I Wish, Deptford X (2013, 2014 & 2015), 
The Sleep of Reason, BBK Osnabruck with Sylvia Ludtke (2013), 
Medusa Stories, Chalabi Gallery,  Istanbul with Ruken Aslan (2012), 
Invisible, Lucy Bell Gallery with Clare Whistler(2010), 
Standpoint Gallery, London (2004) and Spire, The Economist Plaza, London (2000).

Group shows include 
Fe216, Morley Gallery Waterloo (2016),
One Plus One, Lubomirov Angus Hughes (2015) Standpoint Gallery (2013), 
Free Zone/Çanakkale (2012) 
 Fast Forward, Globe Gallery, Newcastle (2011)
Design and Print Now, Bearspace Gallery (2011) 
Contrary Speeches / Changeable Realities, Kare Sanat Gallery Istanbul (2011) 
Invaluable, APT Gallery, Deptford (2011), 
Exteriority, Summaria Lunn, London (2010), Canakkale Biennial, Turkey (2010), 
Istanbul Art Fair (2010),  
Eastern Approaches, Hatfield House (2009), 
Stand Alone, Cello Factory, London (2009), 
Deep Inspiration, Jerwood Space, London (2007), 
New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury (2005), 
Yokohama International Art Exhibition, Japan (2003), 
‘Dead Happy’ St John’s Waterloo (2001),
Sculpture at  Goodwood, West Sussex (2000), 
Noordbrabandt Museum, Hertogenbosch, Holland (2000)
Labour of Love, Kunsthalle, Mannheim, Germany (1999)